“Ludrock Inc is a grassroots local 501C3 charitable organization run entirely by volunteers. In a short 5 years we have raised over 125K for local organizations and worthy causes and donated better that 90% of that total right back into the local community. We’ve done this without big corporate sponsors, rather through hard work and dedication of many.

We have partnered with The Ludington Area Jaycees over the last few years in many of our events. They have become a big part of our success and deserve a lot of credit.

 We have come to know The Jaycees, personally as a group of individuals that care about the community. They have been innovative in their approach to fundraising and supporting good causes, like us, that hard work and volunteering pay off. They realize that the work in fundraising is more rewarding in other ways than just seeking sponsors.

The Jaycees certainly bring much to the community as we all are aware of. We all enjoy the fireworks and the Freedom Festival Parade each 4th of July. But they have other events, lesser known that impact the community too. All of them are unselfish acts of kindness.

The Jaycees are a tireless group. Many of the organizations’ members cross volunteer into many different worthwhile causes. Ludrock is certainly one of those. They are as much responsible to our successes as anyone. They have become our friends and we are blessed to know them.

In 2016 I was asked to be the grand marshal of the Freedom Festival Parade on behalf of Ludrock Nation by The Jaycees. It was one of the greatest honors I have ever received. The Jaycees have the finger on the pulse of the local community and their hearts and arms open to help those less fortunate, and to celebrate our great little community proudly. They deserve and have our continued support.”

Ed Santarelli, President of Ludrock Inc.


“I am writing on the behalf of the Ludington Area Jaycees. They come in monthly to donate their time and energy to help make the lives of our residents here at Oakview Medical Care Facility a better place. They come in monthly to help run a bingo activity in the evening time. The residents look forward to this as a “special bingo” as the prizes are bigger and game is different. Having outside groups such as the Jaycees come in is a great opportunity for  our residents to socialize with individuals in the community that they lived.  As well as the opportunity to make new friends.

The Jaycees of Ludington have been volunteering at Oakview for a long time and we are grateful for their continued time and effort in making our residents lives a better place.”

Patty Primozich, CTRS, Director of Therapeutic Recreation- Oakview Medical Care Facility


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